Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Happy Dussehra:-)

All those decades ago, on a pleasant October evening, as dusk fell and the effigy of Ravana exploded into a million sparkles illuminating the heavens - a mom-to-be heard the Firecrackers from inside the operation theatre of the Military Hospital, Dehradun, as the anaesthesia took over her senses.

Vinnie Dev. My mom.

And Ravana was born in female avatar. With all his glory, all his wisdom and all the super duper intelligence, incorporated into one tiny dusky bundle of joy 😊

The apple of my parents eyes, with the tag of Ravana etched into my omnipotent being, I've spent my lifetime bathed in their love and pride.
And been wished Happy Birthday every Dussehra by my lovingly rude and rudely loving family.

In retrospect, flicking through the pages of the chapters of my life, I've realized just how much similarity we have - the powerful King of Lanka. And the demure Queen of all I survey ☺😅
Hence, forgive me for I see the Demon King with a kindly eye. Seeing his strengths, his wisdom, his intelligence, his will power and indeed his self confidence.

OK so he fell in love with someone else's wife. Big deal!!

So, when you blow up the poor demon King this evening, spare a thought for what you destroy.
Destroy hatred, expunge divisiveness, throw out bad feeling from your souls and embrace all of humanity without bias.

Happy Dussehra to the world.
And Happy Birthday to Me 😇

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